We are often asked what has become of the owl and whether it will exist again. Right from the start: unfortunately no.

The owl was built by the Belgian artist Jesse Agten from Opsys Deco Deco and his team especially for the Waldfrieden. Jesse and I, Bass T 73, thought long and hard about how it should be and how we could build it.

Building it with these wonderful people was so wonderful and mega fun.
After Wonderland, there were requests for the Owl all over the world. But unfortunately Jesse became very ill during the festival, which has lasted until today. He is doing well, but will never be the same again. Jesse and his wonderful team then went to Portugal where they lived for a few years. I tried again to reunite the owl and especially these wonderful people to let Hermann, which is her name by the way, fly in the forest again. Unfortunately nothing came of it.

Anyway. I think that such a wonderful moment, which was this time, may remain unique.

I thank you for it. It was dreamlike.

Now you know why we didn’t see the owl again.

Forest greetings

13. March at 3:53 PM

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