Waldfrieden Events, Bergstraße 32, 32351 Stemwede – Wehdem


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Always drive clean and sober, be aware that there are frequent police checks on the roads to the festival! Recently there were also a lot of speed cameras on the way to the festivals.


For all rail travelers, there are free shuttle buses from the nearby train stations “Lemförde” and “Rahden”! Check the respective event page for the shuttle schedule.
To Lemförde you can easily get from Osnabrück or Bremen. From Osnabrück it takes about 15 minutes and from Bremen it takes about 50 minutes to get there.
For travelers who come from Bielefeld / Herford it is more convenient to take the train to Rahden.

You can visit the website of Deutsche Bahn to check train schedules or book your tickets.

Shuttle from railway station

For most of our events there is a free shuttle service from and to the nearest train stations Lemförde and Rahden. Prior registration is not required. For the exact departure times please check the information on the respective event page.


The closest airport is Münster Osnabrück.

The second closest are Paderborn Lippstadt and Hannover.

Of all these Hannover is by far the biggest airport with the most international flights.

If travel by bus and train or other means is possible, please consider avoiding flying for the sake of the environment.


Here are the numbers of some taxi services in the area.

Stemweder Berg: 0 54 43 – 99 66 0
Engelbrecht: 0 54 43 – 88 27
Blanke: 0 57 71 – 21 07
Wehrmann: 0 54 74 – 63 10

A taxi from Lemförde train station costs about 30 €.

A taxi from Rahden train station costs about 35 €.

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